Welcome to the CurseHQ Store!

Before making a purchase, CurseHQ is not a pay-two-win Minecraft Server Network, not affiliated with Mojang, AB. This is the place for you to enhance your CurseHQ experience. We offer ranks, tags, crate keys, kits & classes, generators, perks and more.

Before finalizing a purchase, make sure that you’ve enter correct Minecraft Username when purchasing any of the items. Once payment has been completed, you should receive an e-receipt regarding of the purchase and you should receive your in-game items within 10, maximum 15 minutes after the purchase. If you are unable to receive your in-game items on the server / the next time you log in (even if it’s more than a day), contact our support email (support@cursehq.com), more detail below.

Paypal and Xsolla are our available payment methods when purchasing an item in the CurseHQ store. Do keep in mind that payments made via eCheque (PayPal) can take up to 7 to 10 days to clear (just like paper check). Xsolla supports over 700+ payment methods (should support your payment method anywhere in the world)

If you have any problems or queries with purchases, feel free to contact support (support@cursehq.com) along with your In-Game Name, TransactionID, Proof of Purchase so that we can assist you faster. Do note that screenshotting and sending it as “Proof of Purchase” is not recommended because it is not a valid proof (people can edit and claim it as Proof), so we do recommend you to attach your TransactionID (all payments should have a TransactionID).

Note: ALL Chargebacks will result in an IP ban from our network and store.